Dating jitters

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“On the first date, a guy should be well mannered, dressed well, smiling, positive and neutral about things. Avoid talking about the past and ranting too much about the future,” he says.

Get off of your cell phone and pay attention to your date. At the same time, Khilare says it is important that expectations are realistic.

Starting out with just coffee or a drink is a great way to avoid culinary snafus as well. Unless your date is a super-bitch, a little wardrobe malfunction is not going to make or break you. I admit, sometimes I even want to take you home on the first date, but I'm really embarrassed to ask. If you don't think we're a good fit, you don't have to be rude about it, but don't go making promises to call me, either.

Asking about my food preferences before you plan our first date does so much to minimize surprises. I've spent many an evening wondering how you've managed to go all day with that tag stuck on your pants, your buttons not aligned, and mismatched socks.

We walked in the rain, splashed around in the puddles, and generally lost ourselves in the rain.

When it stoped raining, we made our way to a shelter at a nearby corner store that served us some hot coffee.

As college begins again after the summer break, so does romance. “I don’t expect things to work wonders the very first time.” What Men Want Eighteen-year-old media student Pranil Tailor likes to begin the date with conversation about food. I let the girl talk and respond with humour,” he says.

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I wouldn’t be that worried about make-up as much as someone’s political ideology.

This goes double if we've been long-time friends, co-workers, neighbors, or colleagues. Plus, I can stop worrying about the cow-lick I spent an hour trying to flatten, and that frees up my mind to focus on getting to know you. And honestly, if you're taking me to Dippin' Dots, you've made it loud and clear that you're just cruising for a one-night stand.

[pagebreak] 6) Is that a major wardrobe malfunction or a fashion statement? Except his shirt was inside-out on our second date, too. It might even be endearing in a Nutty Professor kind of way. On your way back from the head, settle the check discretely. I'd feel so much better if you made it sound like it was all your idea. I have to admit, the same part of me that will never disclose how many men I've really slept with also doesn't want to be the one asking you upstairs. I really hate it when a guy gives me all the signals that he's interested, only to never be heard from again.

Apeksha Ghai (name changed), who is queer, met her current partner on OKcupid.

The 20-year-old philosophy student says their first date didn’t start off well because they are both introverts and were afraid of being judged by those around them.

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