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Just click the handy link below to send your e-mail: Albuquerque has always depended on its tourist trade.From the many motels, cafes and service stations to the unique southwestern tourist shops, Albuquerque was and still is a mecca in the Rio Grande Valley.It was slated for destruction in 1977 when citizens of Alburquerque voted to purchase this great movie palace. Many visitors to the Ki Mo Theater are shocked and even offended by the prominent use of the swastika symbol throughout the theater's motif. Today, unfortunately, the swastika has come to symbolize a terrible time in human history.

Join other Route 66 fans by e-mailing Jerry in the support of the El Vado.They gave a new generation of Route 66 travelers a glimpse of what life was like back on the Mother Road sixty years ago.The Ki Mo Theater is a beautiful example of the Southwestern themed architecture known as Pueblo Deco.In 1957 Jones Motor Company moved to a new location.The building became home to many businesses the next forty years from a moped shop to an army surplus store.

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