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Choose this, and you will get to the foursome ending.

Slow start, choices are mostly into dialogs rather into the scene, not many clues about how to get to keep on playing. Much better than what they used to have." - "Word up, V-girl." - "If it means more time spent with you, I`m in." - Any response - "Hi, April." - "Bye, April." - MEET APRIL - Any response - "An integer is a whole number. Last week during lunch, when you were trying to get us to guess who you liked, you were totally about to say April." - "And just earlier this week, I caught you, April, watching Violet get changed in the girls locker room! Just look at each other, then kiss." - Watch them kiss.

1983 saw the release of another Atari 2600 game, X-Man.

X-man features the player as a nude man working through a maze toward a pink door in the center, past antagonistic crabs, teeth and scissors.

good game so far, but it seems there`s a file missing: /files/gamelrge/school82the file is neither online, nor in any of the downloadable versions, so when I reach the point of sex in school, I get an error message This game has a quality that put it appart from the others VDate Games has plublish until now. Loved it but maybe would have liked to see more of the April and Violet relationship and maybe more of April in general. For instance, always tell her she is sexy rather than pretty. If we take small steps, maybe you`ll eventually be confident to do it." - "Of course, You`re already brave, you just don`t realise it yet." - Any response - Go to school. It sounded like you were in trouble." - "Please, something`s clearly wrong. - (if male) GET DRESSED, THEN ENTER THE LADIES LOCKER ROOM - Any response - PULL DOWN THE TOP OF YOUR PANTS - "How about just your breasts? That`s fantastic." - "I think that`s a brilliant idea." - Any response - "Would you be willing to flash your butt a little? " - See what april was looking at (don`t go to meeting straight away) Dance - "I think she looks perfect." - Say anything to Cass - "V-girl! Definitely a must play at least once, although the replay value is pretty great too.

The date option with the most amount of possible confidence increase in the nightclub. I want to help." - "Is it so weird that I just want to help someone who`s sad? You`ve earned it." - "We should totally get a hot tub when we buy a house together." - "I think that`s a great idea." - "I`m game! " - "I doubt it`s as pretty as you, but let`s try it." - "How about you kneel on the seat? I`ll always be here to catch you." - "Maybe we should try some photos in the corridor then." - "Chicken." - Any response - "You could be standing in front of a toilet and still look sexy." - "It looks sexy as hell." - "If you can run pose naked in these corridors, right now, you could do anything in this world." - "A hero of course. " - "Very impressive." - "You can take naked photos of me anytime you want, Betsy." - And response until foreplay - "It`s all because of you." - "That is the single greatest sentence I have ever heard in my life." - Have sex - (if male) PULL YOUR COCK OUT - "It was perfect." - "And I love the new woman just as much as I did the old one." Day 4 - Any response to teacher - "Are you wearing a shorter skirt than normal?

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As with all of my games, feel free to experiment and find different paths. I didn`t know they were accepting angels at this school! " - Pay attention Lockers - "She`s just doing her best." - "Right." - "It 4pm. Confidence needs to be 25 or higher for her to suggest more photos at the school. " - "Yeah, that`s what happens when you`re a bitch." - "Bye, Violet! " Date 1 - Say anthing to Cass - Look for Betsy - "You know, it`s cute, but you don`t have to wave at me." - "They`re behind your speaker." - "Let`s meet up with Violet. Confidence needs to be 34 and happiness 74 for her to get naked at school. That`s always fun." - Wait for Violet - "Boobtastic Mc Cool." - "Wow! I love the fact that you can choose to be a man or a woman, gives the game a bit more variety.I just wish you could have a threesome with Violet at the end if you choose not to help April. i fpund it too hard to get her to get the main role in the play but i like the idea and concpt of the game. I realized that I missed a very important part: when you meet with April in the hallway (before the prom), you need to click on the left side of the screen near the window and choose the option "See what april was looking at".

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