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As people like Donna Brazile slowly come out and tell the truth about the Democratic Party and the 2016 election, the Leftist-spun Russia narrative is collapsing. Sears was replaced by William Casey, with Edwin Meese and Michael Deaver getting more involved in the campaign and all of them urging to let "Reagan to be Reagan."In an effort which would make Mao and Stalin proud, China is getting families into the spying game.

We now know that if anyone was "collusion" with Russia, whatever that is, it was Hillary and Bill, and all their minions. To celebrate its first National Security Education Day on Nov. we are witnessing firsthand the new hybrid warfare of the 21st century — cyberattacks, disinformation, financial shenanigans, social media manipulation and corruption — a combination of weapons for which the West has yet to find an effective defense. Ron Wyden, Oregon Democrat, would begin to roll back warrantless encroachments on our international communications privacy authorized by section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments of 2008.

Skoto Gallery that opened in 1992 is one of the first contemporary African art galleries in the United States focusing on a mix of artists from the continent and the Diaspora.

Since its inaugural exhibition two decades ago – curated by jazz icon Ornet Coleman and held at its previous location in So Ho – the gallery has mounted memorable shows highlighting artists hailing from several African countries including Ethiopia, Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Cameroon, and Senegal.

“We have all the latest equipments to make any music project number one.” Regarding his childhood in Ethiopia Elias said: “I was born in Addis Ababa and grew up in a very big house in ‘Riche’ on the road to Debre Zeit. “Living in upstate New York for almost two years at a young age was a very cold experience,” he said.

“My brother was living in Northern California at the time, and so he would tell me how the weather was so similar to our motherland.

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After a brief stint in Los Angeles working on the Royal Princess Cruise ship in the 1980s, Elias appeared on a sound track for the television movie Elias now owns and operates Soph El Recordings, a music studio located in Oakland Hills, California that opened in September 2000.As communication, they are perhaps a common language, but they can also be a private language, a language of communion, understanding and unity. In trying to touch upon this theme of the uniqueness of language and of the experience of history, CPT: Time, History and Memory proposes a dialogue on the nature of this communication, and finally, this engagement with history and memory.The artists: Deborah Willis, Stephanie Dinkins, Brett Cook, Hank Willis Thomas, Sonia Louise Davis, Shani Peters, Jamel Shabazz, Chester Higgins, Sheila Pree Bright, Michael Forbes, Tahir Hemphill, Daniel Dawson If You Go: The Gallatin Galleries 1 Washington Place @ Broadway artist Etiyé Dimma Poulsen, who lives and works in Belgium, is one of the artists whose work is featured at Skoto Gallery's 20th Anniversary Exhibition in New York scheduled from January 26th to February 25, 2012 (Photo: Tadias Magazine) Tadias Magazine Art Talk Updated: Monday, January 23, 2012 New York (TADIAS) – In the heart of Chelsea, one of the centers of the New York art world, lays a gem for African art lovers.“It is my hope that listeners feel jazzed up.” — The Black History Month exhibition A "CPT: Time, History and Memory", curated by Keith Miller and Salome Asega, will be held Feb 6-24 , 2012. So too, Memory, whether collective or personal, has the elusive quality of being unique, real and abstract all at once.The show includes nine images taken by Chester Higgins, Jr. In this way Time, History and Memory become modes of communication as much as means of experience.

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