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From an internet search, there are scores of articles by Christian authors that indicate their fear of these ideas. They may be missing out on a whole bunch of stuff that was known to the old Christian Gnostics that are abhorrent to modern evangelicals today.

For instance, the Knights Templar was a Christian warrior society that found enlightenment in the middle-east, and incorporated it into their Christian rituals.

In Portland Oregon, there was a school called “Poekulean” or “A rose with thorns”.

Experts more knowledgeable than me may expand on this.Other aboriginal cultures across the world have their warrior cultures closely linked to shamanic experiences also.Anyone who has read the Carlos Castenada books with Don Juan the sorcerer have a look into native American Indian culture and warrior spirit.Martial arts often suggest a level of skill beyond the mere physical, and hint at an intangible or esoteric knowledge.This skill is recognized not only as a fighting skill, but also a healing skill.

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