Dating czech women com

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Although I kept telling myself I was on these dating apps for a few laughs, deep down I was hoping that maybe I would have a connection with someone.

I was alone in a foreign country and needed a friend.

The more time we spent together, the quicker my self-made walls fell down.

It was their fear that if I fell in love over here, I would stay and never return. I was not going abroad to find love—I was going to “find myself.” This would be the “year of no men,” especially since my last relationship fell to the wayside because my ex refused to support my dream of returning to the Czech Republic.

This year would be about exploration and transformation before returning back to the States healed.

When you travel, you can plan things, but experienced travelers know that you constantly need to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

I did not plan to find love in the Czech Republic, but it found me.

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