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Thus, quantification of the RNFL by optical coherence tomography (OCT) has been proposed to provide an indirect appraisal for retinal axonal loss (2–5).

As these axons are not myelinated and the visual system is often affected in MS, RNFL measurements in MS patients that suffered from optic neuritis (ON) may offer an effective approach for the study of ON-related neurodegeneration.

The RNFL contains the proximal portions of the axons that originate from ganglion cell neurons and these axons account for 80% of the thickness of this layer (1).Generalized estimation equation (GEE) was used to account for repeated measurements and paired‑data.The model‑based approach predicted a monthly reduction in the RNFL thickness by 0.19 µm in the eyes of the MS subjects.The following data were obtained from each MS patient at the screening visit: Age, sex, co-morbidities, co-medication, date of MS symptom onset, disease duration, prior episodes of ON, prior MS medication, total number of relapses, last relapse, and, for the IFNβ-1b group, start date of IFNβ-1b therapy.Disease duration was defined as the time period between the first recognized symptoms of MS and study inclusion.

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