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a few days later they wanted to come to Belgium and told that her bank card no longer worked and asked if I wanted to transfer money: 890 to buy her flight ticket said they told me that her parents had sold their belongings after she died and a cheque of 450,000 were had and could just in Belgium in Exchange now threatened this woman me if she comes to Belgium that they drag me to the cort is due to the refuse to help a plane ticket to come.Bart (Belgium) Report N32 (added on December, 27, 2011) 1 st contact i asked her how she got me email address? im not a member there She never asked for money but started getting pressuring me to delete chatlists and profiles Said she wanted me all to herself We chatted a few times hounded me to pieces about being honest Finally she quit talking to me I asked why She jumped all over me i talk to other women and said she just cant be with a man that talks to other women and said never try to talk to her again Leroy (USA) Report N33 (added on October, 18, 2012) Typical scammer.She wanted me to send money for a camera to take pictures of her and send them to me. Bill (USA) Report N18 (added on January, 28, 2010) E-mailed each other for over a month. Get''s to the point of getting the airline ticket and booking then there is some Ghanian embassy thing she needs more money for. She even printed pictures of me I sent her and took a picture of her with my pictures to convey she really is who she is. Tipoffs- They always want to go to yahoo messenger to talk. Don (USA) Report N21 (added on June, 24, 2010) She has ppl in Accra, Ghana working for her. Address is 166 Nima Highway, Accra, Ghana zip 00223 ph# 233266117237. just she asked my mobile no and gave hers: 2348164748229 and told me that she was an American citizen that was in Africa and lived in Kortrijk-belgium.(the American Embassy recognizes this lady doesn't).Jeffery (USA) Report N17 (added on September, 22, 2009) Ayuba contacted me through Singlesnet and said age made no difference. The conversation continued through several emails and calls--initiated by her. Say''s she loves me with all her heart and has bad english, uses the lord almighty a lot. I was approached by this woman as usual she sent pictures. Steve (Canada) Report N27 (added on August, 24, 2011) This woman or who knows what contacted me and did her thing.seemed normal for a while never offered a picture and finally when she has, it was after i sent 150.00 to buy a camera , after that it was everything. she will tell you evetything you want to hear and try and play heads games with you to get ehat she wants.Her father died and she helped her mothers neclaces. We fell in love and I paid her thousand''s of dollars to move here with me. Found some same pictures she used on me on your profile. Chris (USA) Report N19 (added on March, 23, 2010) Was contaced by kim prestenback with pleas of abuse need money to get out of aferica then said she was in uk and needs money to get out, now says she is with freind in roanoke Va usa and needs money to get away. Kenneth (USA) Report N20 (added on May, 31, 2010) This person changes myspace accounts almost as often as she changes her clothes. Her webcam always seems to be broken or not working. claimed to be a nurse on exchange from hawaii and even had others speaking on her behalf.. Glenn (USA) Report N31 (added on December, 6, 2011) I was Thursday 1/12/2011 new Member dating website TWOO account holder vivian derek came to me and asked if I was single I speak or had work and what they wanted to separate after several hours work? After a few days she asked my address, I refused because I don't know her.James (USA) Report N7 (added on September, 12, 2008) She has instant messaged me for the last couple weeks. I realized what she was when 3 different profiles with her picture came up on this same website. Shawn (USA) Report N8 (added on September, 12, 2008) She is the website above, have had emails and msn with her for a long period,she says she love me deaply..

Gregg (USA) Report N2 (added on November, 2, 2007) 1st contact 10-24-07, via singlesnet. told her I could get phone card here cheaper and transfer card to her. Wants to marry me needs thousand dollars for passport and travel papers and for me to book a fight for her online.

I emailed her the pic posted on babyboomers and she confirmed it is her when she was modeling in college 5 years ago. Since then, she has tried to get me to send her money for her bills, passport, travel visa, lawyer fees, and trael expenses. Michael (USA) Report N30 (added on November, 16, 2011) She said she works in alaska for west constructed company as project manager jr. her mother got sick, had a stroke and needed too got to london too help her mom. stated her mom passed away and needed too get them body to florida to bury her in them same place her father is burried.

So I am flying to her and we are going to the FBI together to report this. sending money to someone in Nigeria you have not met. So we will see where this goes and hopefully get this SOB in Nigeria. Jeff (USA) Report N26 (added on April, 21, 2011) Hey fellas it has been some time. The fact that the scammer used pictures taken off a porn stars web site speaks for its self. Tronya (USA) Report N28 (added on August, 29, 2011) She winked. she is slways asking for money to fly to me because she needs me and want too be with me and get married because she has nobody left in her life.

When asked, she told me she got my chat ID from the dating site(I haven't given my chat ID in any site).

When checked her profile in that site, found it was already marked as a scammer there. Dileep (India) Report N37 (added on September, 17, 2013) I was on Match and received a letter from known scammer.

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