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Products such as chalk, "Dry Hands" or "i Tac" may be used to help "stick" to the pole.

There are now poles available for use in clubs that provide visual effects.

These measures can include a great amount of clothing to be worn by the dancer and only static moves can be performed.

Poles that are coated in powder can provide the best friction and maximum grip for dancers.

Eventually the pole dancing moved from tents to bars, and combined with burlesque dance.

Since the 1980s, pole dancing has incorporated athletic moves such as climbs, spins, and inversions into striptease routines, first in Canada and then in the United States.

The finishes some dance poles may possess are silicone sleeves and powder coatings.

Silicone sleeves can provide maximum grip, however, there are safety precautions dancers must take and consider before using silicone sleeves.

This mode can be used to complete more experienced pole moves, make moves easier to complete and to add a more dramatic effect to the move. The static mode is when the pole cannot rotate and is in a fixed position.The stainless steel poles aren’t as popular as the other types as they do not have the finest grip however, they are used by dancers who have sensitive skin.The chrome poles are silver in colour and are most popular amongst beginners.Pole dance requires significant muscular endurance and coordination as well as sensuality, in exotic dancing.Today, pole performances by exotic dancers range from basic spins and striptease in more intimate clubs, to athletic moves such as climbs and body inversions in "stage heavy" clubs of Las Vegas and Miami.

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