Dating 1 minute interview

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Review the position description to identify skills, knowledge and abilities essential for successfully performing the job.

Develop a set of carefully thought-out interview questions based on the predetermined selection criteria and functional areas listed on the position description that relate directly to performance and to your expectations for the position.

The candidate should carry 80-85% of the total conversation.

The panel members' input should be limited to asking questions, probing deeper, and keeping the candidate on track.

If you must use an office, arrange that all phone calls be forwarded to another line.

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Select committee members and a chairperson based on the following criteria, keeping diversity within the panel in mind."Behavioral" requirements refer to how a person needs to act in order to fulfill a given responsibility (e.g., "self motivated," "well organized," "attentive to detail,").Please note that behavioral requirements must be defined in behavioral terms.Desirable requirements can generally be learned on the job Set aside time at this point to develop an understanding of the position, settle any questions regarding special requirements, and define selection criteria.Ask any questions you may have about the position regarding your selection criteria, special requirements, applicants referred, interview questions, and/or the interview process.

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