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After a little over a year in Needles, the Schulz family drove back across the country to Minnesota to resume life in the Twin Cities.

Charles Schulz was enrolled in Richards Gordon Elementary School on Dayton Avenue in St. The Schulz family lived across the street from the school at the Mayfair Apartments and Carl Schulz re-established The Family Barbershop at its location a few blocks away on the corner of Selby and Snelling Avenues.

Carl, Dena and Charles Schulz rented a house at 503 Palm Way, not far from the Santa Fe Railroad tracks.

When the Great Depression hit the country in the last months of 1929, it brought extreme poverty and difficulties for many families.

To a young Charles Schulz though, life seemed to go on without any disruption to normal family activities.

Carl took a job working alongside his brother-in-law, Monroe “Monte” Halverson, at his barbershop across from Santa Fe Park.

Charles attended the D Street School just a few blocks down the street from their home.

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