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The financial cost is low, the rewards seem immediate and it’s available around-the-clock – causing cybersex to be compared to some types of addictive street drugs.Like addictions to alcohol or drugs, or other forms of dysfunctional sexual materials or behaviors, a cybersex addict may need more and more of the action to get the expected “high” – until they neglect their families, jobs and other responsibilities to acquire more cybersex encounters.Cybersex addiction is an informal term sometimes used to describe cases of sex addiction that center on dysfunctional consumption of pornography or other sex-related resources accessed through , researchers from France’s Center of Studies and Research in Psychopathology sought to differentiate general cases of addiction to Internet use from specific cases of cybersex addiction or other forms of behavioral addiction that can be supported through Internet use.These researchers concluded that people who use the Internet to support specific forms of addiction often have traits that contribute to a generalized Internet addiction.Potential indicators of the condition include frequent accessing of Internet-based sources of pornography, loss of control over the amount of time spent on online sexual pursuits, sex-related use of the Internet in inappropriate circumstances (e.g., while working or at school), frequent downloading of pornography accessed on the Internet and the use of Internet sites that feature illegal forms of pornography.As is true with sex addiction in general, doctors commonly rely on screening tools to distinguish people affected by cybersex addiction from people who suffer no ill effects from their consumption of Internet-based sexual material.They also took additional questionnaires designed to specifically identify cybersex addiction and the other addictive behaviors.The researchers concluded that there is a significant connection between generally addictive Internet use and Internet use in the service of cybersex addiction or other specific forms of non-substance-based addiction.

All of the study participants took a questionnaire designed to generally identify an addiction to the Internet.

Internet gaming disorder addresses these symptoms in the context of games played over an Internet connection.

In the study published in , the French researchers used data collected from 378 adults between the ages of 18 and 65 to explore the connection between a general addiction to Internet use and cybersex addiction and other specific forms of behavioral addiction that rely on Internet use or can be supported by Internet use.

Once the addiction phase is reached, the person may be unable to stop their behavior without professional intervention.

They may seem socially withdrawn, and their response to a friend or family member intervening can include high levels of agitation or anger.

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