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Hilts may also be pierced like those of jian (straight-bladed Chinese sword) for the addition of lanyards, though modern swords for performances will often have tassels or scarves instead.Guards are typically disc-shaped often with a cupped shape to prevent rainwater from getting into the sheath, and to prevent blood from dripping down to the handle, making it more difficult to grip.

This paradigm was challenged as it became clear that other factors, such as age-specific mortality, could provide a more mechanistic causative link between an environment and an optimal life history (Wilbur et al.

He concluded that r/K theory was a once useful heuristic that no longer serves a purpose in life history theory.

More recently, the panarchy theories of adaptive capacity and resilience promoted by C. Holling and Lance Gunderson have revived interest in the theory, and use it as a way of integrating social systems, economics and ecology.

Traits that are thought to be characteristic of K-selection include large body size, long life expectancy, and the production of fewer offspring, which often require extensive parental care until they mature.

Organisms whose life history is subject to K-selection are often referred to as K-strategists or K-selected.

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