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Suzanne Mullins won .2 million in the Virginia Lottery in 1993.

After she split the money with her family, and taxes ate away some of the prize, her 20 annual payments of less than ,000 weren’t remotely enough to lead a millionaire’s lifestyle.

At last report, he was still working in his late 60s.

Florida residents Alex and Rhoda Toth were downtrodden in 1990.

Choosing the right payment method is important — and it depends on the winner and his or her habits, says Christian Dill, a wealth management adviser for Northwestern Mutual.

“Is the person likely to spend it all if there was access to a lump sum?

According to multiple media reports, Mullins was sued in 2004 when she still owed the foundation more than 0,000 from the loan.Thomas Rossi uncovered the news a few years later when he opened a letter asking if she wanted to take her winnings in a lump sum rather than in annual payments. In 1999, a judge declared that Denise Rossi had violated state asset-disclosure laws. “We even shared the same electric toothbrush,” he noted.During an interview with People in 2004, while he was collecting close to ,000 a year from his court victory — he didn’t seem to miss the toothbrush togetherness.The latest Powerball multimillionaire is about to learn that suddenly having a huge fortune to spend and invest can mean dazzling opportunities.But for an unlucky bunch, lotto winnings turn into a curse.

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