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Ultimately, Kid flees out of the apartment and resurfaces at Martin's place where Gina convinces Kid to go back and finish the date.

(Christopher "Kid" Reid, Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell all starred in the first two House Party films.)Cole's parents interrupts Cole's evening with his girlfriend to demand back rent from their son.

Martin and Gina fight over Gina's unusual Valentine's Day gift, and the fight escalates out of control until they finally break up.

When they try and reconcile, they discover that maybe they are just too different from each other.

Martin has doubts, until he sees something that may be of value based on Gina's earlier recollections.

The exterminator tries to get rid of the mouse, but the mouse proves too smart for him, so Tommy, Shawn, Cole, and Martin take it into their own hands.

Stan decides to hire Monica (Kim Fields), a new female co-host for Martin's show to boost the station's ratings.

But there’s a catch: Martin has to agree to go to a dinner with her that night.

At work, Martin realizes it is his anniversary and he forgot to get Gina a present.

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