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Long-distance relationships are incredibly difficult under the best circumstances, and medical school amplifies it. The more you know about one another’s day-to-day life, the more connected you will feel.Relationships grow when couples experience new things together and strengthen their emotional bonds. In hindsight, this feels obvious, but we were used to having easier access to one another so took us longer than it should have to implement this tactic. Do not just have each other’s schedules, learn them. Connect with the little details of your partner’s life.Long-distance dating prevents the formation of new joint experiences and often forces couples to focus on relationship maintenance rather than growth. Going from effortless conversation in the same room to long-distance communication is difficult. We finally instituted weekly Skype chats on Tuesdays at a.m. Before moving to Thailand, I visited Miami and saw Brian’s apartment, met his new friends, and got a sense for his routine.

University of California at Berkeley psychologist Daniel Kahneman, for example, tells Shenk: "Like most people, I am somewhat cautious about exposing tentative thoughts to others." But after he'd spent a few years working with his research partner, cognitive psychologist Amos Tversky, "this caution was completely absent." Research suggests that couples are more likely to mirror each other's body language — which in turn makes them look alike — because they're drawing from a wealth of knowledge that only they share.

This "insider" language is one of the first signs that the two of you are operating in sync, writes Shenk.

According to a study from Robert Hooper, a University of Texas professor of communication, secret communication accomplishes two things: It helps deepen your bond — romantic or platonic — and establishes a unique, shared identity.

Certainly, the two of you should make an effort when one of you visits the other. It will knock their socks off, because who does that?

But give yourselves permission to embrace the everyday aspects of your life during those visits. Tell your partner via text that you hope they have a good day. You will have to manufacture the tiny moments of connection that most couples take for granted, and with medical school threatening to steal all of a student’s time and energy, these small moments take on vital meaning.

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