Ciber sex for senior

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Senior consultants can direct and review the work of less experienced consultants and can create, devise, or modify procedures to solve complex challenges.

To grow in their role, senior consultants can deepen their work experience through contributing to projects on broader programs, obtaining additional certifications, or choosing to align with a particular industry as a subject matter expert.

Associate Consultant Under direct supervision, associate consultants get on-the-job experience in performing project work for our clients.

As the engagement unfolds, skill gaps are measured, then mapped to available training.

Ciber is a place where your drive and talent can take you far.

Consultant-level employees are encouraged tend to have 3-5 years’ experience and are encouraged to attend industry aligned certification prep courses to help them further their knowledge base and grow their careers.

Senior Consultant Typically, Ciber’s senior consultants are certified individuals who have more than five years’ experience in their specific role.

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