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Khadijah feels that Synclaire was smothering the plants with attention, and jokes that they committed "planticide" to get away from her. Music: "The Hustle" by Van Mc Coy Kyle: "Maxine, I'm older than almost everybody on the Orlando Magic. Hell, I'm older than Boyz II Men." Overton: "Personally, I'm looking forward to turning thirty." Regine: "Why is that, Obie? I look forward to damn near anything." Max: "I have the feeling that mocking you won't work, so I have absolutely no idea what to say.But I wanted to be with you on your birthday." Kyle: "Thanks, Max." Max: "Now what the hell's wrong with you?!Khadijah and Synclaire believe they have located the perfect roommate, but Regine interrupts their conversation on the fire escape. Although Synclaire feels that it is a terrible idea, Overton agrees to meet Melody at Cheezy Burger. Although Grant sweeps Khadijah off her feet and is interested in a relationship, Khadijah feels that the distance between them and their busy schedules would make this impossible.

" Khadijah: "Knock yourself out." Ivan: "I'm thinking about that, too." Khadijah: "Well, if I get a little intense, it's only because Sherry Zak [ Mrs.Khadijah spends her share on a raise for Russell, and is furious at her cousin.She later learns that, although she had always considered their dream, Synclaire does not feel this way. Kyle is outraged when he learns that Max has one more name in her little black book than he does.She tries to kiss him, but Overton (who was once powerless to resist her advances) now feels nothing for her because of his love for Synclaire. " Overton: "Just an old girlfriend from high school." Synclaire: "Melody? Overton and Synclaire finally throw a game of Battleship to shut them up.Regine is annoyed to find that Khadijah and Synclaire have re-decorated the apartment and forced her into the worst bedroom, but is cheered when she discovers that her new room has free premium cable. The woman who broke your heart and drove you from fair Cleveland? A college-age messenger delivers a package to Regine: "They wouldn't even let him see his fiancée, the future Regine Hunter-Hill." Max: "Regine, you are an embarrassment to desperate women everywhere." Synclaire: "Ivan, I don't know how long Khadijah's going to be.

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