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Much was accomplished on the developer-side: the building blocks of the bots ecosystem were laid out and the whole infrastructure to build and deploy them greatly matured.

Bots are ready, or soon-to-be, for the mass market.

In terms of actually breaking down language so that bots can process it, they use an “entity” system.

This system lets bots extract meaning out of the conversation bots have with users.

It’s a collaborative platform, so users can import bots or bot parts from other users’ bots, allowing them to save time and energy by assembling their own creation, piecemeal. AI’s bots offers keyword detection available through an API so bot-creators can focus on crafting meaningful and fluid interactions. AI is community-based, their services improve with each user interaction made with bots using the platform.

As the hardware catches up to the programming, expect to see bots that are capable of doing far more for businesses than they can already do.

And indeed, despite the lack of public awareness around the topic – most people only read about bots in trendy blog posts – 2016 was, in fact, a very prolific year for this emerging trend.

They have to feed it actual conversations and then test it across hundreds or even thousands of scenarios constantly checking for accuracy and making adjustments until it’s capable of successfully assisting customers a majority of the time.

Chatbots have come a long way in the last few years.

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