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I'd go for 1) PDF export with the frame grabs, 2) Excel export, and 3) XML or other export list which can be imported into Avid, Final Cut, and Premiere as markers. " People just don't look, and freak out way too fast. Maybe add that the DOWNLOAD button option to settings. I have hundreds of videos that I now have to manually turn off the Vimeo logo as a result of this update. Our product team plans to release an account-wide setting to remove the Vimeo logo from the review page soon.We don't allow comments, so our videos won't have notes either. I disabled notes, and sent this review page for client review. I shouldn't have to disable this every time, please. Offer the ability to change the banner, background, and text colors. I'm a PRO member, and as such, have paid for the logo free display. We'll post an update in our forums when this change is live. We'd love to implement it in our web app, but it would be more for time-coded commenting than a "reviewing".Streamlined collaboration, unlimited reviewers Let’s say you’ve uploaded your rough cut to Vimeo.

Hey @sparkastory: We've still got the same relationship! Nothing's changed regarding our partnership with Wipster (which you can read up on here, but we will be continuing to build out and improve our own review page! And their Premiere integration doesn't work most of the time.

Some notes may need questions/clarifications, and if that reviewers isn't notified, then it may slow down the review process.

-One of the biggest problems in any review process is too many cooks in the kitchen.

I'm starting to notice that Vimeo is like Canon and needs to be more like Panasonic and give the filmmakers tools they can use. - TB Hey Tamarcus, We've actually had review pages for quite some time now, this is just the latest revision! You can deactivate notes on your review page by switching off comments in your video settings. If the reviewer is logged in to Vimeo, their name and profile picture will be associated with their notes.

If you upgrade to PRO or Business check it out and let us know what you think. Click the Settings button beneath the player on your regular video page and navigate to the Privacy tab. If the person leaving feedback doesn’t have a Vimeo account, all they have to do is provide a name when they leave a note on your review page.

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