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Adjusting the thresholds, the scientists showed that all tests deliver very similar results.

Even a smartphone test that functions without laboratory analysis can compete with test results from the laboratory.

This might also make it necessary to rethink specific treatment approaches that interfere with the distribution of chromosomes.

Using barcodes to trace cell development There are various concepts about how blood cells develop.

The new professorship is funded by CTS EVENTIM, one of the worlds leading providers of ticketing services and live entertainment.

The company is providing the sum of one million Euro the highest sum it has ever donated.

Many unnecessary mammography examinations and, thus, many falsely positive findings could be avoided if women who have a lower breast cancer risk were invited to mammography screenings at longer intervals, while women at increased risk could take screening examinations more frequently.

They have discovered a variety of cellular alterations that can be targeted by drugs that are already available and in part even already approved for therapy.

Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center have now discovered a new mechanism that plays a role in these typical chromosomal aberrations.

The new findings question the current concept of how cancer cells survive the chaos during cell division.

In this process, they accumulate mutations: fertile ground for liver cancer to develop.

Chaos in cell division How chromosomal defects arise in cancer cells Cancer cells often have aberrant numbers of chromosomes.

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