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I liked the idea..” I’ve also heard that word-of-mouth may have been a main factor in keeping you on the air past the first season.

He denied it, but Glenn, Kaitlin, Mary Elizabeth, and myself confirmed the woman’s suspicions.We got to choose to either play a victim or perp, so we decided to be brother/sister lovers. People love to act on the show ‘cuz it is a very actor friendly set.We encourage these established actors to play with the dialogue in ways they might not always get to.It’s crass, but extremely well-written and it doesn’t pander to the mainstream television audience by diluting itself. They were then actually ballsy enough to try and sell it to networks by demanding positions as executive producers, head writers, and starring actors. Bring the show over and they will be happy to kick down.When you watch it, you can sense that it is the result of an original idea followed through to the end with little or no corporate intervention and restrictions. It worked out and was so well received that Danny Devito actually returned to television just to be part of the cast. The program has actually been Monster Fresh tested and approved to heighten the effects of chronic herbs. Sorry kids, but remember there are always knife hits.

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