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Results: We first tested the average percent change in yearly performance from the initial level to the dating level.

The average in this data was a 15.3% decrease in athletic output, a startling number that supports the hypothesized “Kate Upton Effect”.

It is also interesting to note the 6.9% decrease from pre dating performance to after dating.

This also appears to be evidence of an aging effect or maybe regression to the mean, two concepts I wish to explore later in depth.

While the 15.3% decline seems significant, the 25.6% decline from Dating to Married is even more startling.

The 23.9% increase in performance after a dating relationship has ended is also a rather large and interesting effect.

Therefore, our definition of celebrity is just that we’ve heard of them and subjectively think they’re famous enough to be included.

We were able to come up with 75 relationship data points across many sports all since the year 2000.

The difference between Dating and After Dating is also significant below 5% and the difference between Dating and Married is significant at the 10% level.For these final 57 data points, football production was measured using Approximate Value, baseball using Wins Above Replacement, basketball using Win Shares, and hockey using Point Shares.We gathered numbers for the most recent performance before dating began, while dating, while married/engaged, and after dating/married/engaged.Most casual sports fans are able to name some of these athlete-celebrity relationships.For example, there is Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, Derek Jeter and half of Hollywood, Delonte West and Lebron’s mom (just kidding, not actually used as data).

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