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MOTHER You draw beautifully my love, but if you want to be something in life you have to study.

Her mother, taking time off from packing, comes over to Cat, and turns the page of the notebook to reveal the Lara Croft comic and it's copy.

And you can't do this thing if you're not a hundred percent.

FABIO You know how many times we should have been dead?

CAR - DAY Two men, holding automatics in their laps sit in the back, the driver in the front.

If he would have yelled and screamed and threatened to kill my whole family, it would have been OK.

CAT'S HOME - DAY As Fabio's men keep a sharp lookout, two SUV's come rolling down the street.

The Mother drops the suitcases and runs to the rear room.

CLOSE ON FABIO'S HAND Reaches under the table where Cat is sitting, takes a gun strapped there. And then footsteps, coming fast outside, draw his attention.

CAT'S HOME - DAY As they are exiting the house through a rear door, the shots ring out.

As the men fall, and others run up the stairs firing as they retreat toward the front door...

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