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It is the offender’s responsibility to inform the Probation Officer if they are not able to comply with their current payment plan due to medical issues. This is a mandatory fee imposed on all offenders for the processing of paperwork and related activities.

The offender must supply medical verification from their treating physician that details the reason, duration and any work restrictions. Checks returned for insufficient funds will result in a returned check fee. 9728 (b) all offender’s convicted at the Court of Common Pleas Level will have a civil judgment filed against them for monies owed.

Those offenders convicted of a violent offense are not eligible for Intermediate Punishment.

The conditions are the same and there is no difference between the terms Probation Officer and Parole Officer.Court of Common Pleas System (CPCMS) Payment plans provide the minimum monthly payment an offender must make to ensure the case is paid in full by the end of an offender’s probation/parole period.Failure to pay fines, costs and restitution in full by the end of an offender’s probation/parole period may result in a Violation of Probation/Parole Hearing and revocation of the offender’s probation/parole period. 9728 (g) the Court of Common Pleas of Chester County instituted a per month administrative fee.When you find a recital that lists multiple transactions this typically indicates that the deeds to the property have gone unrecorded for multiple transfers.This is called clearing title; it explains how the current owner has the right to sell the property.

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