Build dating website scratch blackpeople com dating site

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The two key questions are: 1, How do I make the software to support the dating site, and 2.

How do I get the critical mass of people using the dating site so that others want to try their luck on the site.

If you want a successful dating site, then work on your answer to the second question before you do anything else. Before I begin, and please do not misunderstand, but from they way you frame your question it appears you may have been rebuked before you landed here. But it's done and did get a lot of help along the way.

Thank you in advance for your input Edited by tarzanhunter, 01 March 2013 - PM. Drupal may be a good platform, find a developer who knows Drupal inside out and they should have the programming skills to make it happen.

IE buying Facebook fans, having them click adsense along with having an analytics account. I was asked from the start what I thought of the idea but never talked to the nephews. At the end of the first month and a few days later with the investors anxiously awaiting the progress of this report they'd probably be a bit chagrined finding that all of my contact information responded with ....."left town" forwarding address unknown. You need a very good business plan, tons of market research, a budget, some very unique selling points etc.

before you get anywhere near thinking about the code to build the site - that's the easiest bit. As I said above, you may wish to investigate Content Management Systems like Joomla and Drupal.

UPDATE: I would appreciate people to actually read my question and not just glance over it.

I need to know HOW to do the site; even though i appreciate it, i am not looking for opinions on whether or not if the site should be created.

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