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According to sources close to the band, Dennis had started to use the drug in 1978, and during a tour of Australia that year, he was allegedly sharing his supply with Brian.

At one point, the drummer checked himself into a hospital under an assumed name and cleaned up, but his overindulgences were creating problems within the Beach Boys.

It apparently didn't bother Dennis that Blaine was drumming on the Beach Boys' records.

Then she shot a hole through the side of their Mercedes, just missing the gas tank. In 1978, Dennis drove Lamm's Ferrari down to Venice Beach and, in another fit of rage, doused the interior of the car with lighter fluid and torched it.

"Then he went up to a house on Venice Boulevard and played the piano while it burned, like Nero," recalled Steve Goldberg..

"Dennis was not what you would call a completer," said Levine.

Part of the reason may have been his use of heroin.

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