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He’s not well read, he’s never traveled, change frightens him. My wife’s little sister explained it to me just now.

“Well, it’s because you have relaxed douche face.” There’s apparently also relaxed bitch face.

But he did say two extremely tantalizing things: First, he said “Apple does not make designs like this lightly.” In other words, there’s a method to the madness.

That scene with the sheriff was actually one of two that Ray read to me at the beginning of the second season. I don’t know if that’s intentional, but he’s got a good ol' boy side to him like Teddy, he’s got a very sensitive and spiritual, beautiful side like Tawney, and then a complex unusual side like Daniel. We’d do it so many different ways because, as Ray will say, “I can write it, we can rehearse it, but when you watch it on the monitor, things might not land.” So we’re constantly making adjustments. One time, Addie just screamed her head off, “I can’t do this anymore,” because we’d been doing the same damn take for six hours.

I’m not showing off; I like the idea of sexuality at the gym. I decide that no matter how many laws they enact, steam rooms they close, masturbation monitors they hire or straight (and apparently gay) dudes I creep out, I’m going to jerk off at my gym.

The couple of guys showering around me look as though they like seeing a show.

If you’re a young gay man, what do you even do but fantasize about the guys you see showering after P.

Think you’re going to use the i Phone as an i Pod with your fancy aftermarket headphones? But is this a missed moneymaking opportunity for Apple, or a sign of hidden secret just beyond the horizon? In fact, it supports the ultra-high-quality Apple Lossless audio format, so it’s more than likely someone will want to plug in a set of 0 earbuds from Ultimate Ears or Shure to hear all that sparkly musical goodness. For some reason, Apple decided to set the headphone jack so deeply into the i Phone’s body that many high-end headphones won’t fit in the jack even though it’s a standard eighth-inch plug.

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    This flies in the face of the rest of mainstream media outlets trying to claim that anything other than corporate-controlled media conglomerates might contain “fake news”. One of the first websites I came to appreciate was the BBC.