Borderline dating horror dating stories

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Due to innate narcissism in all Borderlines, there's only enough space in this relationship for one personality to exist~ never two.every Borderline who phones me for help, states: "I've done a lot of work on myself!There's often a tenacious will to heal themselves and grow, but no matter how much therapy they've tried or how many self-help books they read or support groups they joined, self-loathing remains entrenched and implacable.Being hard on themselves is a self-defeating, typical trait in all borderline personalities.There is It's crucial to understand that the partner or friend of a BPD individual is typically core-damaged in precisely the same ways a Borderline is.They share the same vibrational frequency since childhood, because they're core traumatized in the same ways by the person they spent nine months bonding with in-utero~ Mother.

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The Caregiver, fixer/rescuer type who frequently attaches to personality disordered lovers, has virtually split-off all darker feelings, thoughts and personality facets from their own emotional repertoire.

This natural reflex to 'get it right' was implanted in you as a very small child, when you experienced difficult and confusing relational dynamics with your parent(s).

You might also have observed troubling interactions between your folks, who struggled together a lot like Kids emulate their parents.

At the very heart of the borderline's acting-out behaviors is core shame, a leftover if you will, from a childhood fraught with confusing messages, neglect and abuse, which left them doubting their lovability and worth from infancy onward.

Any self-acknowledged error makes a Borderline think they're a "bad person," which is why their denial defenses are so thick and they're unable to accept or own their shortcomings and failings.

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