Book dating guest new ny york

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She must have liked my story because right away she wanted to send a film crew out to San Antonio to film my journey,” she writes.

“There are tons and tons of stories that I have not shared with anyone.” While she is used to being very open about her life on television, there’s a big difference with sharing her story in print. “[A book] is one hundred percent your thoughts and it's just there.” The Dancing With the Stars alum began work on the book while competing on the dancing show.The two had been friends for years, but after their first kiss, everything changed.“The truth is, once we kissed he could never quite make the leap to the two of us going out on our own together in public,” she writes.In fact, her struggles with discrimination based on her size didn’t end once she reached adulthood or Hollywood.“Turns out that there’s not a lot of mainstream work in Hollywood for four-foot-two blondes with dwarfism, no matter how talented you are,” she writes.

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