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I was hoping to go home at around 11 pm because my wife doesn’t like it when I go home past midnight. I was hoping you could pick me up at the Department of Defence Headquarters ASAP. The next client calls as soon as the new request pops up on my phone. Me: (Laughing uncomfortably) I guess I’m just a normal guy. I am driving at 140km/h now and we’re just approaching Roysambu. I am beginning to get my first rush of fear though try hard not to show it. That means you will travel to Ruiru and use the Eastern Bypass.

And he seems so calm like he has done this a million times. I mean, when was the last time you smelled a rose and realized it doesn’t smell good? And I make a conscious decision not to have a conversation about it meanwhile I’m wondering whether he is crazy. But because I’m the first white guy to see it, I have discovered it and I have named it Mount Kenya!! But the thing about peace is that people forget to live, you know? It takes him a whopping five minutes to conclude his business and get back inside the car. Whereas his voice is authoritative and somewhat intimidating, his frame is a bit small considering he looks thirty. Him: Last I checked (He opens the door and climbs in swiftly). I have ferried thousands of passengers in my car, but I have never carried one without a clear destination in mind. He is in a trench coat with the collar turned up, khaki trousers and brown boots like those worn by the Marines. He must be about five foot seven and weigh around sixty-five kilograms.

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