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To be fair however the Longevity and silage was impressive, a definite try before you buy. It is similar to the original Chanel Gentlemans cologne with a natural Forgère in the overall scent, with a faint spice base mellows down on my skin to a softer overal fragrance.Online shops offers: Fragrance 4 items for 4.54 - 44.19 4 items for 19.50 - 43.50 GBPEscentual 3 items for 28.50 - 51.00 uk 3 items for 28.72 - 47.55 2 items for 29.99 - 47.00 GBPFragrance UK 2 items for 38.51 - 47.06 GBPFragrance 2 items for 50.49 - 61.70 USDView products...Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men by Giorgio Armani is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men.I loved this at first but as it progressed on my skin it just kept getting worse.I thought maybe because I'm typically a freshie guy I'd wear this out and it did not go As soon as my girlfriend got home she immediately commented on how bad this smelled and said it actually gave her a headache. Sidenote: There's a playboy fragrance called Playboy VIP that has the same vibe as this but smells WAY better for 1/5th of the cost !!!

Personally I feel this is overpriced (like most Armani scents IMHO).So the sillage and longevity aren't all that great, boo-hoo.There just seems to be something about almost all Armani scents that makes them...simply divine, and Diamonds hit it right on the money.A very easy scent to wear , very light and pleasant, a summery scent i think and certainly not a powerful one..just an easy to wear fragrance that would suit many occasions.

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