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A really weird, amusing one-man play with musical interludes.

Handler shows that her comedic chops are still on point in this special, which coincided with her book of the same name.

Hodgman is probably best recognized as the lowly PC in Apple's "Get a Mac" campaign, which he points out right away.

In this show, Hodgman plays a deranged millionaire, and things get a bit weird in what feels less like stand-up and more like a one-man play.

The one-liner artist shares a detailed account of his sexual proclivities and describes a condition he calls "joke Tourette's." has a range of talents, from beatboxing to an uncanny ability to spin nonsense into art.Schumer has attracted a lot of haters as she's ascended into the upper echelon of Hollywood, which isn't surprising since she's outspoken and unfiltered.She also rose to fame because she can be really funny.Using a range of sounds and expressions, the comedian is like a one-man, live version of a might be Gaffigan's fifth-funniest special.He dials back his trademark Church Lady-like inner voice for a solid round of PG-rated comedy.

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