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As David Clark once said of the standard-setting Internet Engineering Task Force: “We reject kings, presidents, and voting.We believe in rough consensus and running code.” According to Zittrain, it’s also the same ethos that fostered the invention of Napster, the growth of the personal computer, and the one-man band that founded Open SSL, a software library that grew to be used by two-thirds of web servers.From creating platforms for open dialogue to monitoring the obstacles to an open web, the Berkman Center went on to create the Internet Monitor to track the censorship practices of various countries around the world and the efforts of repressive regimes, corporate firms, and intelligence agencies to filter content on the internet.

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As he once wrote in “The Future of the Internet,” the generative pattern is a recurring one.

Instead, the internet was a cobbled-together experiment by a group of academic researchers who rejected regime structures and preserved an experimental spirit that invited sharing and open access.

Miraculously, this open environment thrived and generated a crowd of like-minded and playful network nerds, whose energy manifested itself in all layers of the internet.

On May 15, 2008, the Center was elevated to an interfaculty initiative of Harvard University as a whole.

Sister centers started or inspired by Berkman Klein founders include the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, Oxford Internet Institute, and Bilgi University Institute of Information and Technology Law.

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