Bemymatch dating

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Until then, people are just going to have to settle for this side of me.

My guilty pleasure would have to be playing The Sims 3 and hoping I have triplets every time I get pregnant. Hold on, let me check to see what song was actually playing….. Specifically I was rocking out in my car to my entire Taylor Swift Playlist, but if I were to choose a song on my itunes right now I would probably go for some Ed Sheeran or Lana.When you are trying to date someone or get to know someone you literally put everything out on the table for the world to see and for the world to judge and I think some things are meant for just you and your significant other and not everybody else.I wouldn’t mind having my own show because it wouldn’t be surrounded around who I am dating, so then it could be based off of my life and dating would just be one small part of it.Briana found herself falling for someone who, spoiler alert, turned out not to be her match.The feisty cast member continued on despite her beau being matched, and sent off to the secluded honeymoon suite with another cast mate.

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