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Personal translation: checking my relationship baggage at the door and making a genuine effort to get to know someone without deciding that I’m investing in him.

I am going to remind myself that I can be open and vulnerable without letting my guard down totally.

But doing that extra work – no matter how minimal it really is – makes sure that she doesn’t have to. Buy her things, even little things, that are likely to make her day a bit better. It’s one thing to be good to your girlfriend, it’s a whole new level to be nice to her friends. Do everything in your power to create memories that will last forever.

While there doesn’t seem to be a conclusive explanation for this, researcher Allen Wilcox suggests possible explanations could be an increase in the woman's libido at ovulation and “an increase in the woman's sexual attractiveness due to subtle behavioral cues from the woman or possibly due to the production of pheromones during ovulation.”All of this seems to make sense given what we know about the influence of hormones leading up to ovulation.My guy friends who told me about the new dating app helped me pick out my photos and come up with something super-witty to say in my brief description. I recall my dad asking me why all of a sudden I was using more than half of our family data plan. I have no objection to them in principle; I never felt bad for judging my interest based on a few pictures. But in the end it’s always the same: Sign up, swipe right, see someone handsome with similar interests, go on a date, have an OK time, go home, regret online dating, delete the app.Every month I come to the unshakable conclusion that dating apps are just not for me. Putting a coat on can sometimes be tricky – especially for women who seem to like to wear those teeny, tiny ones that their arms barely fit into. Save her the embarrassment and the time and help her put it on. If you don’t take her home, then ask her to, at the very least, text you when she gets home safe. I’m sure there are plenty of arbitrary rules that you believe you need to follow when it comes to following up after a date. If you like her and she likes you, then she won’t mind you contacting her the next day and telling her that you had a great time. Cabs can be difficult to catch and, believe it or not, the darker it gets, the more dangerous it gets – especially for women.

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