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Some variations of Australian Rules Football in South Australia compared with other Australian states still exist: Points system: In South Australia, most leagues award two points for a win, and one for a draw.Elsewhere in Australia generally four points are awarded for a win and two for a draw.

Goalkicker listings: Match reports in South Australia generally list goals and behinds scored by player, whereas elsewhere in Australia goals only are generally shown.

In 1994 after a tender process put to all the SANFL clubs, the Port Adelaide Football Club secured a licence to enter the AFL.

The Port Adelaide chose the nickname of 'Power' since 'Magpies' was already used by Collingwood.

In fact, after a match between Port Adelaide and Kensington in 1873, it was remarked that neither side understood the rules clearly, and there was uncertainty over which team had won.

However, as they years progressed, there became a growing push for uniformity and structure in South Australian football.

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