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He says "I recommend going with approach number one, if you are going to change the request body then API consumers will be affected, and this is not something very dynamic you do always.As well if you want to generate documentation for your API using automated tools such as Swashbuckle; then passing JObject in the request body won't work correctly. NET applications using which we can easily read JSON data and manage serialization and deserialization of JSON data. This represent the JSON object and this can be used to read JSON data posted using Http request. The ajax call defines data attribute with JSON object which contains order and item Details. Update: Please note that we are posting Order and Item Details, the Order Id needed for Item Details will be received from the server when the Order entity is saved in the Orders table using Save Changes() method.So IMO using DTOs or Models is a cleaner approach." I completely agree to what he says. In the Web API application we already have a reference to Newtonsoft. Step 9: We will modify the Post method as shown in the following code: The above method has the following specifications (Note: Following line numbers map with comments applied in the Post method.) 1. Step 10: Apply a breakpoint on the Post method and run the application. In this view add the following script and markup The above script contains the following specifications (Line numbers in the code map with comments applied in the Post method.) 1. This means that all Item Details entered are against the same Order Id.Approach 2 must be treated as a source of information that conveys an alternate way of achieving the same result. The received data to the post method is stored in the dynamic object. We are reading the order key data from the posted data in the JObject object. The item Details received from the request will be stored in JArray - this is the JSON array. The received order data is deserialized in the Order object. The item Details are deserialized into the List of Item Details object. Use Fiddler to post data to the method, the following result will be displayed. Lets create a View for the application Step 11: Using Manage Nu Get Packages, add j Query library in the project. Define an order object with Customer Name property. That’s the reason we are not passing Order Id in Item Details records.For one thing, its pretty inefficient, especially for a large document.It’s probably not much of a problem for this small sample.This is a lot of data to bring across the wire, instantiate C# objects for, send across the wire, then eventually garbage collect the whole document in . It can add up pretty quick, especially in a high volume environment.A more insidious problem is the race condition involved in updating the whole document.

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There is one-to-many relationship defined in both classes. NET Entity Data Model, name this as Order Entities.Step 8: Apply a breakpoint on the Post action method and run the application and use the Fiddler tool for the Post request.The Post action will now accepts the data as shown in the following image The above image shows the Order and Item Details values accepted.There’s no such thing as a lock in Mongo DB, so its possible that two threads could pull down the whole document, make changes and race to get their version saved last. Since each thread is replacing the entire document, who ever saves last wins!For example, imagine initially Alice’s score is 95 and Bob’s is 85. Thread 1 updates Alice’s score to 92, and Thread 2 update’s Bob’s score to 89. Undefined behavior is not something you want in your database layer.

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