Are matt hardy amy dumas dating again

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I love her style-the flaming red hair, the tats, the way she dresses-I just thought she was the bomb!Pretty good book, lotsa detail on her past and her work with the band This was an amazing biography of a woman wrestler Amy Dumas.Lita was and still is a unique individual that a lot of people can look up to and I still do even though she retired back in 2006 due to controversies that were nobodies business.I always hope she will come back and wrestle show these stupid girls who show off their bodies that there was a lot more to it when she wrestled. All I can say is she had a great run in the WWE and she was one of a kind.

This book took me back on so many memories of the WWF from when I watched it when I was younger I would just have the biggest smile on my face everytime I read one.Lita was right just because Jeff was being a burnout (which I hate to admit seeing as he's my favorite wrestler) why punish them for it and turn down their idea.This was a great biography on a women wrestler who was a lot different from all the others.I listened to the audiobook that Amy Dumas (Lita) was the reader of as well and liked seeing her personal life before and after becoming a wrestler up to the point where she is recovering from a broken neck.It was great learning another side of her that I did not see when watching her performing a Moonsault in awe.

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