Are justin and selena still dating 2016 no more dating djs nick holder featuring jemini

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"Justin Bieber recently followed Selena on Instagram," one Jelena believer tweeted on Sunday.

A second added: "Waiting for Selena to log on to Instagram and follow Justin back but knowing [her] she probably won't …" Back in March, fans went just as nuts when Bieber posted a throwback photo of the two kissing in happier times.

Instead, the source explained to the magazine, Selena Gomez hadn’t been feeling like herself and wanted to get back to normal.

“[Selena Gomez] decided to clear her calendar for the year in order to have this be her priority for future happiness and didn’t want to leave any promoters at bay,” the source said.

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"If I go and have a great time, I live my life and nothing is going to dictate how I feel unless I let it."Of course it's hard to detach songs such as the single "Same Old Love" from Gomez's relationship with Bieber -- a point she understands.In turn, Selena Gomez told Bieber that she was the one who forgave him for his many infidelities, and he suggested she too had cheated.Selena Gomez is "so beyond done" talking about Justin Bieber.After seeing what he had written to his fans and followers, Selena Gomez spoke out in defense of Bieber’s fans, told her ex-boyfriend that he shouldn’t be posting photos of himself and his girlfriend, and reminded Bieber that he was loved by his fans.In response, Bieber posted a message back to Gomez in which he dissed her for using him to get attention for herself.

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