Apostolic dating websites

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All the wisdom I learned I later discovered did not belong to me.They were already in the Bible which I once started to read as if it is a book on wisdom passed down to me by my grandparents who learned it from the majority Christians living in Bethlehem where crescents and crucifixes tipped many mosques and churches. It took me a few decades to conclude that God appointed the odd whom people ignored while the devil appointed the famous whom people worshipped.It was a land where capitalism took women into concentration camps to compete with men for the monthly allowance where latchkey kids were raised by perfect strangers and were all the relatives were exiled to different states in search for new slave masters.Everyone was a trapped slave with only one right; you can abandon your latest slave master and solicit another to always beg for more to cover for toys (more rubbish) and credit card payments. I entered colleges where tables were setup in the yards calling to “legalize marijuana”.

My mind always wandered in a different world but one thing was certain for me; democracy is not for the stupid since the whole world in Noah’s time were dead wrong and only Noah was right.

The collective view of the whole earth at the time ended up drowning in death and error.

I was an introvert and to me popularity was the zebras gathering around the waterhole while wisdom was to make it last and only drink when the lion got his fill of the fastest popular pedigree zebras.

So I fought the enemies of frugality by rolling my own pipe tobacco and even planted my own food.

I was stubborn and all I wanted to do is to live like my grand parents did in Bethlehem.

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