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Get visas online with their help or obtain them at an embassy? Fortunately, there is another service Visa HQ that allows you check the visa requirements for almost each country with the help of their tool "Travel Visa Requirements" on their home page.

Visa HQ can offer you a visa for nearly any country.

But several countries, such as Russia, demand that you have an “Invitation” for obtaining a visa.

It’s an official government document that usually provide a hotel or registered tour company that mainly resume responsibilities for declaring to the government that they invite you to visit them officially.

Then one more question may arise: why should it be at least a 10-day stay?

One can understand it only when making such a trip which usually passes like winking, especially when you are on an individual tour (i.e. Don’t forget to take into consideration the transition time as well.

Fortunately, not all the countries of the former Soviet Union require a visa from U. The only necessary document is a valid passport and later you just will need to fill out a special form upon entry and you are welcome to the countries.

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And throughout the whole site there occasionally appear confusion like this (so what should their clients do? Well, now you can clearly see that you should pay a through attention when you claim all your legal documents for entry into Russia!

You follow the tour program and do not bother about where to go and when. But things become different when the purpose of your travel to Russia is to meet several women.

The only thing you can do is to plan an individual tour.

It depends on what type of trip you are going away.

A much simpler case is when you are planning to visit one Russian woman.

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