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In 2014, he filed disbarment complaints against Salatandre and Mata for allegedly mishandling the parricide case where Ecleo was found guilty for killing his wife, Alona.

He said Salatandre and Mata did not do their best to question the identity of the cadaver believed to be Alona, who was allegedly strangled by Ecleo inside their home in Cebu City on Jan. Three days later, a woman’s body was found inside a black garbage bag dumped in a ravine in Dalaguete town, southern Cebu.

Fabella said Salatandre and Mata reportedly got P250,000 from the Ecleo family for every court appearance during the first five years, and P150,000 every hearing in the succeeding five years.

Apart from the lawyers’ fees, both lawyers also collected P26 million from PBMA members while making a promise that their supreme master would be cleared of the charges, Fabella said.

In April 2012, Judge Soliver Peras of Regional Trial Court Branch 10 found Ecleo guilty of parricide for killing his wife Alona and sentenced him to spend life behind bars.

Salatandre denied the accusations, saying he did his best to have Ecleo acquitted. We presented complete evidence but the judge just did not appreciate them.” Salatandre, who handled Ecleo’s case for 10 years, said he performed what was expected of him as a lawyer.

“Yes, the dead body was never proven to be Alona,” he told the Inquirer in a phone interview. He also denied receiving millions in PBMA funds for the defense.

Atilano Fabella, a member of Ecleo’s Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association (PBMA).

“He is just here in the Philippines, and he will face whatever happens as long as his two lawyers will be disbarred, and his case will be reopened,” he said, naming the lawyers as Orlando Salatandre Jr. Fabella claimed that he was communicating with Ecleo’s 32-year-old son, Ruben Madron Ecleo I.

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