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And she even looked past the soft sheet of grime that she’d wake to find blanketing her car on many mornings.“I really didn’t think about all that stuff until something went wrong,” she said.

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Other family members and friends have also died early, she said, of cancers and lung disease and a number of other maladies that so many in neighborhoods up and down the Mississippi River corridor seem to suffer disproportionately.In this case, it means those who are — and aren’t – exposed to contaminated air, soil and water are largely segregated along racial and class lines.Poor and minority communities have also been degraded by exposure to toxic materials unleashed by dilapidated housing, crumbling infrastructure and the nasty stuff released from the mouth of smoke stacks.the state compares to short term standards but people don’t live there short term.” One recent study by researchers at the University of Minnesota highlighted the segregation of pollution in America highlighting the exposure to one key pollutant in particular, nitrogen dioxide.Nitrogen dioxide is an airborne pollutant produced by car exhaust and petroleum refining that is linked to high risk of asthma, heart attack, low birthweight and more benign symptoms like coughing, wheezing and bronchitis.

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