Amare stoudemire and ciara still dating

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In 2015, Ciara's decision to move on with Russell Wilson raised a furor among those in the Futurehive.Things were further complicated when Wilson began to take on a fatherly role to Baby Future.“Yeah, ain't really mean to hurt you / sorry it's be this way / ain't really mean to hurt you,” Future reveals on the chorus.

He continues to turn down the dial of hostility on his outro, “Sorry.” While he doesn’t address Ciara head-on like he did on the aforementioned tracks like “My Collection” and “Turn on Me”, he seeks forgiveness from not only her, but the people he tore down from his murky past.

On Future's eponymous album, released a week ago, we received a brash and pretentious star enamored with the finer things.

Future's adoration for everything stemming from codeine to Xanax was scattered all over his fifth album.

“Of course, I wouldn’t want somebody pushing my son,” he said. "If I was a kid, and my mama had a dude pushing me, I would’ve jumped out the stroller and slapped the shit out of him. Is it surprising that Future decided to vengefully charge at his baby mama?

On the beginning of , Future quickly sacks the elephant in the room on his intro “My Collection.” “She told me she was an angel / she fucked two rappers and three singers/she got a few athletes on speed dial/I’m tryna get the case dismissed before I see trial,” he raps.

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