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After Gilmore Girls, Alexis continued her acting career with films like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Sin City, Tuck Everlasting, and Post Grad.She also reprised her role as Rory in 2016 with the Gilmore Girls revival season.

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Before she turned to the WWE, she was part of the World Championship Wrestling where she went by the name, Samantha.From the ring she also turned appear on Playboy magazine where she was featured on several issue covers. She has gone through a lot in her career and her personal life, to say the least.Today, Pamela is much more tame than she was in her youth and is focused on her philanthropic side.Without a doubt, Milo’s acting skills have only gotten better over the years (as did his looks), we can only imagine where this guy can go.Best known for his TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog has been tracking down wanted fugitives for years and has been documenting his methods on his long running show.

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