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Television actor best known for portraying the role of the Red Samurai Ranger on the series Power Rangers Samurai from 2011 to 2012.

But what if Raven's innocent friend starts hanging around Claude's gang? I do plan on updating here and there..since it ISN'T one of my popular ones, it is probably going to be monthly updates instead of weakly or daily.Were all in the cheerleading squad but, my super best friend is Nikki. He never imagined that one of his teammates was abused, let alone in trouble. He enrolls into Goode Highschool for Exceptional Children, a school for kids with exceptional abilities.And he certainly never expected to fall in love with her, right? There he meets the popular Annabeth Chase, who's ability is a secret to the student body.I'm in front of a mirror so, I can get my reflection with my phone. I have 2 siblings a younger sister ( Krista Ann Pirtle, and an older brother ( Paul Christian Pirtle) and, if your gonna ask yes I don't have a middle name only Victoria Pirtle That's it!!!!!!! But, they wanna make them happy so they just agreed!!!I'm changing my profile picture every month, or maybe not. On my next profile picture I might be putting me and my boyfriend together or me and my BFF Nikki ( check out my story Rangers in College cause, her name is included there!!!! My friends Sabrina, Emily, Tracy, Mikayla, Amaya, Nikki, Lara, Stacey, Sarah, Mindy, Kim, Courtney, Liana, Meakelena, Julia, Kaitlyn, Catherine, Samantha, Lucy, Emma, Myra, Taylor, Andrea, Erica, Blakeley, Scarlett, Danika, Hannah, Rose, Beatrice, Lauren, Camille, Nathalie, Ally, Lindsey, Elizabeth, Alliah, Katia, Anna, Ashley, Isabelle, and Rebecca. Jayden thought about what the perfect team would be like, whether they would have his back or not.

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