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However, the rational romantic ideally wants "to start at zero with somebody,” and “build something together.” Watch the exclusive clip from the upcoming episode of Manzo’d With Children to see Albie open up to his father about the fact that Al wasn't always around as the kids were growing up.(The scene is in the video above.) Albie tells Us more about the rocky relationship he had with his dad, how they’ve developed the loving relationship that they have today and whether fatherhood is in the cards for him.So you only really saw him that one time a week, and one thing I’ll say about my dad was the time he had to be a father, he was 100 percent a father. But like, as far as relationships go, I just think you’ve got to make each other better. AM: I think if there’s anything in the world I want the most right now, it’s probably to be settled down, to be super, super happy and have kids. Well a big reason for that is, I grew up in an environment where my dad wasn’t around.There was no sitting back watching a football game while the kids went and played in the backyard without him. He was — 100 percent of his free time was given to us. AM: I spent a lot of time in the gym, I spent a lot of time working on my career, and then getting myself happy, and now finally I’m at a place where I feel super confident with me, and I want to get out there and see if I could find somebody that’s going to make me super happy that I could spend the rest of my life with. So if I could have a career that’s allowing for me at least being around my house, that’s a big win for me.When it comes to dating however, I am the complete opposite of a Mama’s Boy, I do my best to tell my mom as little as possible, I am very private in my personal life. Since the show, I have dated here and there but nothing too serious. How has Patti changed your approach to meeting women? I don’t know if the game will change at all, I kind of hope it does because my dating life is prettttty boring. Your sister Lauren is set to get married this year.

Every member of the close-knit Manzo clan has contributed to the move-in process, Albie explains.

Her fiancé is getting a great girl and I’m sure they’ll be really happy.

We have a great friendship and I couldn’t be more happy for her.

Although I listen to what everyone has to say, I don’t let anyone’s opinion affect how I feel about someone.

Winning over my family is definitely not as difficult as it may seem. The worst thing someone can do is over-think that stuff.

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