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Native-like Vo IP quality and reliability from browsers With its built-in multiple different SIP/media engines it is able to take out the most from the browsers’ Vo IP capabilities using native SIP/RTP whenever possible with a smooth failover to browser technologies such as Web RTC and Flash when needed.

By using the Mizu webphone you will finally be able to offer browser based Vo IP services with the same quality as native desktop (softphone) and hardware (IP phone) based solutions.

The browser sip phone was designed both for SMB or corporations with large call traffic requirements.

Life-time license Avoid dependency from subscriber based web phone services.

To sum up, the webphone is focusing on the following goals: -maximize quality: use the best possible native SIP/RTP Vo IP engine directly from client browsers whenever possible -maximize coverage: true cross-platform capabilities to cover all OS/browser combination, so the users will be able to make Vo IP calls regardless of the circumstances (any OS, any browser) Multi-purpose The webphone fulfils the needs of both developers and non-technical users.All this is covered by a simple Java Script API allowing web developers to create custom Vo IP solutions from any Java Script framework or with pure JS.A single solution supporting all platforms where Vo IP in browser is possible including Windows, Linux, MAC OSX, Android, i OS, Solaris, Chrome OS and others.The Advanced and Gold versions ships without any limitations so the usage is unlimited.Advantages over pure Web RTC solutions Web RTC is supported by a part of modern browsers, however it has clear disadvantages when using with SIP networks such as weak codec support (no G.729), browser differences and incompatibilities with its black-box media stack, difficult setup to work across corporate firewalls, unneeded extra layer and error phone complexity to convert from websocket/DTLS to clear SIP/RTP with extra server side processing requirements and it is still not supported by all browsers: compare web sip clients.

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