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His mother replied that "He is certainly going to be an interest, an anxiety & an excitement in our lives".In what would turn out to be his final report on leaving Eton, Robert Birley, one of his history teachers, wrote of his native intelligence and writing ability, but added that he found it too easy to get by on little work or with a journalist's knack of spinning a single idea into an essay.His father Winston Churchill was already a leading Liberal Cabinet Minister and he was christened in the House of Commons crypt on 26 October 1911, with Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey and Conservative politician F. His headmaster reported to his father that he was "very combative".Around this time his nickname in the family was "The Rabbit".Winston Churchill had been neglected during his own childhood, but was still often busy (he was Chancellor of the Exchequer from late 1924 until 1929) and neglected his daughters in favour of Randolph, who was his favourite.In April 1928 Winston forwarded a satisfactory school report to Clementine, who was in Florence, commenting that Randolph was "developing fast" and would be fit for politics, the bar or journalism and was "far more advanced than I was at his age".Ironically, Winston Churchill had received a similar and oft-quoted letter of rebuke from his own father, Lord Randolph Churchill, at almost exactly the same age.Unlike his father, who had become a powerful orator through much practice, and whose speeches always required extensive preparation, public speaking came easily to Randolph.

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Clementine wrote to her husband of one of Randolph's lectures "Frankly, it was not at all good" and commented that he should have had it well-practised by now, although she was impressed by his delivery.Randolph's good looks and self-confidence soon brought him some success as a womaniser, but his attempt to seduce one young woman at Blenheim failed after she spent the night in bed for protection with his cousin Anita Leslie, whilst Randolph sat on the side of the bed talking at length of "when I am Prime Minister".Randolph, who had been lucky not to be named in court as one of her lovers, also comforted a tearful Tilly Losch in public at Quaglino's after her divorce in 1934, to the amusement of the other diners and the waiters.On one occasion he impressed his father by delivering an impromptu five-minute reply to a tedious speech by a local cleric.At San Simeon (the mansion of press baron Randolph Hearst) he lost his virginity to the Hungarian dancer Tilly Losch.

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